Now customers want an experience, but are companies sufficiently prepared for this?  Essenta has recently completed a Customer Process project for one of our customers.

The company was facing various challenges. 

The IT systems made it virtually impossible to get an overview of the relationship with the customers.  Within the organisation, the staff responsible for sales, delivery and installation had different and sometimes conflicting targets.  When an existing customer put in a new order, they almost always had to start from scratch in the ordering process.

Essenta worked with management and staff in the company on the following key areas:

  1. Firstly, a in-depth customer focus was created within the organisation.  This task was made easier by staff who genuinely enjoyed dealing with customers and solve problems.  One of Essenta’s contributions was to help define how a “good customer experience” should be and make it concrete and uniform across the organisation.
  2. After a review of the IT-systems with a small group of customer-facing members of staff, an IT-project-specification was written.  The company’s IT service provider is now in the process of programming and testing the changes.
  3. Based upon customers’ feedback the process and the communication relating to delivery and installation has been changed.  Customers are now experiencing a greater flexibility and that their needs are met to a greater extent.

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