Decision Intelligence

By being more decision intelligent, you gain insight into complex information patterns.

By monitoring and understanding information flows and changes you can incorporate dynamic decision making criteria into your business processes.

Hence, you and your organisation benefit by improving your decision support information.

This in turn increases the quality of your decision making processes.

Risk management

Most risks are manageable –when risks are not managed or prepared for they can turn into a crisis.

Would you like to know more about how to manage the risks in your business?

“The measurement of a successful risk management programme is that the total cost of risk as a percentage of revenue is decreasing over time.”

Lani Bannach

Strategy and business planning

To operate and grow effectively in today’s fiercely competitive and global market place a business need an insightful, robust and useful strategy and business plan.

No matter how well written a strategy and business plan is, the true test is whether it is actionable.

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” 

Albert Einstein

With much on-going pressure, it is often difficult to devote sufficient time and resources to forward planning. We understand that dilemma.

Essenta’s strategy process is simple, yet efficient and effective. It is designed as a step-by-step process to help you formulate your strategy to ensure future success.

Do you want to discuss whether a strategy process with Essenta is the right thing for you?

CEO Sparring and Advisory Boards

Are you the owner and CEO of your company?

Do you also spend 120% of your time solving problems, dealing with customers and suppliers, finance and administration as well as making sure you keep your employees motivated?

Does your company have the potential for much more? Do you have greater ambitions?

If you want to see your company and its potential from a new perspective and realise that potential faster, then an advisory board could be something for you!

What do I get out of an advisory board?

In short:   – you get catalysts for growing your company.

An advisory board gives you and your company a boost. You develop your business network through your advisory board members’ networks. You choose the business problems you want input on and sparring about.

How does an advisory board work?

The advisory board consists of a small group of selected business people with specific and relevant competencies and experiences.

During a facilitated process, they give advice based upon their expertise, but note – you receive advice and inspiration – but it is up to you to execute and turn action plans into tangible results.

One example:  First setting a goal: – “a doubling of sales by then end of the next three years”. Here the focus would be on putting together an advisory board of people with a proven trackrecord of growth in revenue and successfully managing a sales team.

The advisory board will seek to understand the company’s current situation and base their advice on that.  The chemistry between the owner and the members of the advisory board is very important.  A mutual trust is built over time and is fundamental for the success of the process.

The advisory board process is facilitated and takes place during a set period of time.

How do I get started with an advisory board?

Essenta has a network of  experienced business leaders with a wide range of areas of expertise which can contribute to the growth of your company. These business leaders have for example, specific experiences from a range of industries and sectors. They have international experience, sales leadership, legal experience, marketing, e-commerce, economics, and HR and personnel development.

During the first meeting – which is without further obligations – we listen to the challenges, ambitions, and goals you have for your company.  Afterwards we come up with our recommendations.

Decision making consultants

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