AI – Model Fundamentals for Board Directors

Board directors need high-level knowledge about AI and machine learning models to effectively evaluate and decide upon AI strategies.    Therefore, the resourceful and pro-active chairman of my client invited me to run a workshop together with the rest of the board. It was an efficient way for them to gain some relevant knowledge – […]

Customer service is no longer enough

Now customers want an experience, but are companies sufficiently prepared for this?  Essenta has recently completed a Customer Process project for one of our customers. The company was facing various challenges.  The IT systems made it virtually impossible to get an overview of the relationship with the customers.  Within the organisation, the staff responsible for […]

Decision making: a cognitive process of choice

Imagine that you are presented with a young man who has short, brown hair. He is of average build, around 20 years old, and is dressed smartly in a grey suit, white shirt, and a tie. His shoes are dress shoes but are scuffed. If you were asked to describe what this person is like […]

Too complex for comfort?

For a long time one of the core beliefs of economists was that given all relevant information, a person would make a rational choice given different alternatives.  Hence, the explanation for all irrational decisions made was that not all information was available.  The research by Kahneman and Tversky, 2002 Nobel Prize winners in economics, showed […]